20 Highest-Paid Boxers of All Time

In the competitive and thrilling world of boxing, numerous athletes have not only made a name for themselves through their prowess but also accumulated significant wealth. Below, we explore the 20 highest-paid boxers in the history of the sport, taking a look at their astounding career earnings.

Table: Career Earnings of Top 20 Boxers

Boxer’s Name Career Earnings (in USD)
Floyd Mayweather $1.1 Billion
Michael Buffer $400 Million
Bob Arum $300 Million
George Foreman $300 Million
Oscar De La Hoya $200 Million
Manny Pacquiao $190 Million
Don King $150 Million
Lennox Lewis $140 Million
Sugar Ray Leonard $120 Million
Vitali Klitschko $80 Million
Anthony Joshua $80 Million
Wladimir Klitschko $60 Million
Marvin Hagler $45 Million
Bernard Hopkins $40 Million
Ricky Hatton $40 Million
Naseem Hamed $33 Million
Amir Khan $30 Million
Anthony Mundine $30 Million
Felix Trinidad $30 Million
Miguel Cotto $25 Million


A Deep Dive into Top Wealth:

Floyd Mayweather:

Leading the pack with career earnings surpassing a billion, Mayweather is not just a boxer but an icon in the sport. Known for his defensive techniques and undefeated record, Mayweather has participated in some of the highest-grossing fights in history.

Michael Buffer:

While not a boxer himself, Buffer has become synonymous with boxing events due to his legendary announcing. With his trademark phrase, “Let’s get ready to rumble!”, Buffer has built a lucrative career, amassing around $400 million.

Bob Arum:

Arum is one of boxing’s premier promoters, having been in the industry for decades. With a career spanning over half a century, he has promoted some of the most legendary fights, contributing to his substantial net worth.

George Foreman:

Known for his powerful punches and indomitable presence in the ring, George Foreman has also been a successful entrepreneur. He made a significant portion of his wealth by endorsing the George Foreman Grill, which became immensely popular worldwide.

Oscar De La Hoya:

The Golden Boy” of boxing, De La Hoya has been a major draw in the boxing world, attracting millions of fans across the globe. Besides his earnings from boxing, he has accumulated wealth through his promotion company, Golden Boy Promotions, further securing his financial status.

Manny Pacquiao:

Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquiao is not only known for his swift and aggressive fighting style but also for being a philanthropist and politician in his home country, the Philippines. He has been involved in various charitable works, using his earnings to benefit the less fortunate.

Don King:

As one of the most famous boxing promoters, Don King has been part of the promotion for some of the most iconic fights in boxing history. Known for his flamboyant personality, King has represented legendary boxers, thereby amassing substantial wealth over the years.

Venturing Beyond Boxing:

Many on this list, like Lennox Lewis and Sugar Ray Leonard, have transitioned into careers in acting, commentary, and endorsement after their time in the ring. They have used their fame and knowledge of the sport to continue earning, while also contributing to the growth and popularity of boxing.

The Klitschko Brothers:

Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko, frequently referred to as the Klitschko Siblings, have been prevailing players in the heavyweight division. Besides their profit from battles, they have taken part in different business and altruistic exercises in their local Ukraine.

Prominent Names and Legacy:

Names like George Foreman, Oscar De La Hoya, and Manny Pacquiao are critical for their income as well as for their commitments to boxers. These competitors have shown praiseworthy abilities inside the ring as well as wandered effectively into different business tries, increasing their income.

Summing Up:

Boxing is a game that has commended physicality and technique as well as being a rewarding vocation for some. The fighters recorded above have acquired significant abundance as well as altogether affected the game, abandoning heritages that will be associated with ages to come. With the constant development and developing notoriety of boxers, it would be entrancing to check whether any impending fighters will join or try and outperform these legends regarding vocational profit from now on.

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