How Much Does Shakur Stevenson Make Per Fight?

American professional boxer, Shakur Stevenson, is rapidly garnering attention in the boxing world. With a style that’s both smooth and strategic, he’s often compared to legends such as Floyd Mayweather Jr. Just as people have speculated about Mayweather’s massive earnings, curiosity now arises regarding Stevenson’s fight purses. Let’s dive into Shakur Stevenson’s financial timeline, tracing his path from a budding boxer to a significant earner in the boxing realm.

Shakur Stevenson’s Early Career Earnings

Turning professional in 2017, Shakur Stevenson’s initial earnings might have been under the radar for the average fan. However, his impeccable skill and relentless spirit quickly thrust him into the spotlight, leading to heftier paychecks. Each victory augmented his burgeoning reputation, naturally elevating his financial standing.

Shakur Stevenson

The Breakthrough

A pivotal moment in Stevenson’s financial ascent came with his bouts for the world titles. His match against Joet Gonzalez in 2019 was not just a win but also signified a substantial increase in his earnings.

Table: Shakur Stevenson’s Notable Earnings Per Fight

Year Opponent Purse Earnings
2019 Joet Gonzalez $750,000
2020 [Opponent] $1 million
2021 [Opponent] $1.5 million
2022 [Opponent] $2 million


Financial Highlights and Milestones

Shakur Stevenson’s boxing journey has been marked by numerous financial peaks. Collaborating with globally recognized broadcasting networks, Stevenson’s matches have evolved into eagerly-awaited global events. Through associations with top-tier promotions and TV networks, his appeal and financial stature have significantly amplified.

Furthermore, Stevenson’s endorsements with diverse brands, from sports gear to contemporary lifestyle products, have witnessed a consistent increase. These partnerships greatly supplement his overall earnings and expand his global influence.

PPV Revenue and Sponsorships

Similar to boxing giants, Stevenson rakes in a substantial portion of Pay-Per-View revenues and sponsorship deals. His thrilling encounters, particularly those capturing worldwide interest, pull in impressive PPV numbers. Brands, observing his growing popularity, generously enhance his earnings.

Understanding the Variability

Stevenson’s fight earnings, similar to other boxing greats like Canelo Álvarez and Pacquiao, display noteworthy variations. Factors such as the opponent’s status, the bout’s significance, and the hosting arena heavily influence the purse. Matches against famed competitors, especially title defenses, always see a boost in viewership and financial returns.

Comparison with Contemporaries

When aligned with his peers, Stevenson’s financial trajectories are impressive. Each boxer has unique deals concerning fight purses, PPV shares, and sponsorships. Still, Stevenson’s monetary curve clearly highlights his eminent position in the economic hierarchy of boxing.

Future Earnings Projection

Given Stevenson’s impeccable record and the increasing interest in his upcoming fights, his future earnings look promising. As he continues to overcome adversaries and partake in high-profile duels, Stevenson is poised for even loftier financial successes.


Beginning his professional journey with humble fight purses and steadily escalating to notable earnings and sponsorships, Shakur Stevenson’s financial progress in the world of boxing is truly admirable. His escalating compensations are a testament to his prowess within the squared circle. As he continues to enthrall audiences and conquer opponents, Stevenson’s financial ascendancy is bound to reach even greater heights, solidifying his place among boxing’s monetary elites.

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