How Much Does Terence Crawford Make Per Fight?

Terence Crawford hailed as one of the most skilled boxers in the contemporary boxing arena, has accumulated considerable wealth through his thrilling performances inside the ring. His earnings per fight have been a subject of widespread speculation and interest among fans and analysts alike. This article provides a comprehensive overview of Terence Crawford’s per-fight earnings, affording readers insights into the financial aspect of his illustrious career.

Terence Crawford’s Early Career Earnings

When Terence Crawford made his professional debut in the world of boxing, his earnings were not as spectacular as they are today. During his initial years, Crawford’s income per fight was relatively modest, which is typical for emerging boxers who have yet to establish their names in the industry. As he garnered more victories and showcased his incredible talent, Crawford’s earning potential increased, gradually reflecting his rising stardom.

Terence Crawford

The Breakthrough

Crawford’s significant breakthrough in earnings can be traced back to his fight against Yuriorkis Gamboa in 2014, where he reportedly earned a substantial purse. This fight marked a turning point in Crawford’s career, both in terms of his reputation as a formidable opponent in the ring and his financial gains from each match.

Table: Terence Crawford’s Notable Earnings Per Fight

Year Opponent Purse Earnings
2014 Yuriorkis Gamboa $XXX, XXX
2016 Viktor Postol $XXX, XXX
2018 Jeff Horn $XXX, XXX
2020 Kell Brook $XXX, XXX


PPV Revenue and Sponsorships

In addition to his base purses, Terence Crawford also benefits from pay-per-view (PPV) shares and sponsorship deals. The PPV revenue is often contingent on the number of PPV buys that each fight generates, meaning that more high-profile fights tend to result in larger earnings for the boxer. Sponsorships, on the other hand, offer a steady stream of income, with various brands associating with Crawford due to his popularity and marketability in the sport of boxing.

Understanding the Variability

Crawford’s earnings per fight have experienced fluctuations over the years due to various factors. The prominence of the opponent, the magnitude of the event, and the location of the fight are among the variables influencing his financial compensation. High-stakes fights against well-known competitors invariably draw more attention and, consequently, yield higher earnings for the participating boxers.

Comparison with Contemporaries

When comparing Terence Crawford’s earnings with those of his contemporaries, it is crucial to consider similar influencing factors. Different fighters might have different arrangements regarding purses, PPV shares, and sponsorship deals, resulting in variations in their per-fight earnings. Crawford’s income is commensurate with his status as one of the elite boxers in the world, aligning with the upper echelon of earners in the sport.

Future Earnings Projection

As Terence Crawford continues to participate in major fights, his future earnings per fight are projected to increase, potentially making him one of the highest-paid athletes in boxing. The dynamics of the boxing industry, Crawford’s continued success, and the potential for big-ticket fights all contribute to the optimistic financial forecast for the remainder of his career.


Terence Crawford’s per-fight earnings have experienced a steady ascent since his professional debut, mirroring his rise to prominence in the competitive realm of boxing. From modest beginnings to substantial purses, PPV revenues, and lucrative sponsorship deals, Crawford’s financial trajectory provides a fascinating lens through which to appreciate his contributions to and rewards from the sport. As he continues to grace the ring with his talent and skill, fans and analysts alike can expect Crawford’s earnings to reflect his status as one of boxing’s premier athletes.

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