Amanda Serrano vs. Danila Ramos Oct 27 – Live Streams, TV channels, and updates

The combat sports community is buzzing with anticipation as the Caribe Royal Resort in Orlando, Florida, prepares to host a thrilling match-up. On October 27, 2023, Amanda Serrano vs Danila Ramos in a bout that promises to keep fans, experts, and fighters themselves riveted, eager for the bell to ring.

Event Details

Below is a quick overview of the much-anticipated fight between Amanda Serrano and Danila Ramos:

Feature Details
Date October 27, 2023
Time 8:00 PM (Local Time)
Place Caribe Royal Resort, Orlando, Florida
Day Thursday


Channels To Watch “Amanda Serrano vs. Danila Ramos”

Experience the fiery showdown between Serrano and Ramos live on the following broadcasting channels:


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The Build Up

The expectation for this battle is arriving at a breaking point. Serrano, with her unstable power and accuracy, has secured herself as one of the prevailing players in ladies’ boxing. Ramos, then again, has displayed her flexibility, assurance, and considerable boxing abilities in her ascent through the positions. Their gathering in the ring is set to be a legendary conflict.

Amanda Serrano vs. Danila Ramos

Attributes Amanda Serrano Danila Ramos
Nationality Puerto Rican Brazilian
Origins Carolina, Puerto Rico São Paulo, Brazil
Special Mentions Multiple weight division champion Upcoming boxing sensation
Achievements by 2023 Multiple world titles in different weight categories Renowned for consistent performance in boxing matches
Status Established champion Rising star
Date of Birth October 9, 1988 November 16, 1991


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Data Points for Amanda Serrano:

  • Amanda Serrano hails from Carolina, Puerto Rico.
  • Known for her versatility, having won world titles in multiple weight divisions.
  • Has a reputation for being a knockout artist, with numerous KO wins.
  • Often referred to as one of the best female boxers in the world.

Data Points for Danila Ramos:

  • Danila Ramos is a resilient fighter from São Paulo, Brazil.
  • Born on November 16, 1991.
  • Celebrated for her agile footwork and swift punches.
  • Has consistently showcased her boxing prowess against top contenders.

Where is the Amanda Serrano vs. Danila Ramos fight taking place?

This eagerly awaited battle will take place at the Caribe Royal Resort in Orlando, Florida, promising an unforgettable night for boxing enthusiasts everywhere.

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