Jesse Rodriguez vs Sunny Edwards Dec 16 – Live Streams, TV channels and updates

On December 16, 2023, the boxing community was set to witness a thrilling clash. Two outstanding talents of the flyweight division, Jesse Rodriguez vs Sunny Edwards, locked horns in a match that had enthusiasts and pundits passionately discussing, forecasting, and counting down to the opening bell.

Event Details

Here are the specifics of the eagerly awaited showdown between Jesse Rodriguez and Sunny Edwards:

Feature Details
Date December 16, 2023
Time 8:00 PM (Local Time)
Place Desert Diamond Arena, Glendale, Arizona
Day Saturday


Channels To Watch “Jesse Rodriguez vs. Sunny Edwards”

For those eager to tune into the clash between Rodriguez and Edwards, the following platforms are key:


Jesse Rodriguez vs. Sunny Edwards

Description: ESPN’s extensive list of live sports has made it a go-to for many. Particularly for boxing fans, ESPN delivers critical match-ups ensuring not a moment of the bout is missed. Moreover, exclusive content and deep analysis make it a treasured platform.

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  • Availability: US


Jesse Rodriguez vs. Sunny Edwards

Description: DAZN has been a dominant name in sports streaming, especially in boxing. With a variety of live sports, from boxing to soccer, and unique background features, it’s a haven for sports enthusiasts.

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The Buildup

Anticipation was thick in the air. Rodriguez, celebrated for his rapid pace and agility, brought to the ring an impressive record. Conversely, Edwards, known for his technical brilliance and ring strategy, displayed a knack for outsmarting opponents. Their contrasting styles hinted at a clash that was going to be unforgettable.

Jesse Rodriguez vs. Sunny Edwards

Attributes Jesse Rodriguez Sunny Edwards
Nationality American British
Origins San Antonio, Texas Croydon, England
Special Mentions Known for quickness and boxing acumen. Trained by Robert Garcia The younger brother of professional boxer Charlie Edwards. Known for slick style and technical ability
Achievements by 2021 Prospect consistently delivers powerful performances Secured the IBF flyweight title by defeating Moruti Mthalane
Status Rising towards title contention Established among the top flyweights in the world
Date of Birth January 20, 2000 January 6, 1996


Data Points for Jesse Rodriguez:
  • Jesse Rodriguez is an American expert fighter.
  • He hails from San Antonio, Texas.
  • Rodriguez is perceived for his snappiness and boxing ability.
  • He is prepared by eminent coach Robert Garcia.
  • He’s been reliably conveying strong exhibitions.
  • Rodriguez is at present moving towards a title dispute.
Data Points for Sunny Edwards:
  • Sunny Edwards is a British professional boxer.
  • He was born on January 6, 1996, in Croydon, England.
  • Sunny is the younger sibling of professional boxer Charlie Edwards.
  • He’s distinguished for his slick style and technical boxing skills.
  • By 2021, he had captured the IBF flyweight title by defeating Moruti Mthalane.
  • This achievement has solidified his position among the world’s top flyweights.

Where is the Jesse Rodriguez vs. Sunny Edwards fight taking place?

Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale, Arizona, is hosting the event. A magnificent venue, it can accommodate large crowds, ensuring fans enjoy every moment.

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