Takuma Inoue vs Jerwin Ancajas Nov 15 – Live Streams, TV channels and updates

On November 15, 2023, the boxing scene is ready for an electric showdown. Two of the flyweight division’s diamonds, Takuma Inoue vs. Jerwin Ancajas, are good to go for a head-to-head that has seen fans and specialists strongly discussing, anticipating, and enthusiastically hanging tight for the primary ring of the chime.

Event Details

Here’s a breakdown of the highly anticipated matchup between Takuma Inoue and Jerwin Ancajas:

Feature Details
Date November 15, 2023
Time 8:00 PM (Local Time)
Place TBD, Japan
Day Wednesday


Channels To Watch “Takuma Inoue vs. Jerwin Ancajas”

To make sure you don’t miss out on this enticing battle between Inoue and Ancajas, consider the following broadcasting channels:

Boxing Live Channel:

Takuma Inoue vs. Jerwin Ancajas

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  • Availability: Japan

SportBox Arena:

Takuma Inoue vs. Jerwin Ancajas

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  • Availability: Worldwide.

The Build Up

As the match day draws near, the energy is discernible. Inoue, known for his accuracy and tirelessness, has a surprising history. Then again, Ancajas, with his strategic greatness and capacity to peruse his enemies, has reliably shown his mastery in the ring. The differentiation in their boxing styles guarantees a memorable confrontation.

Takuma Inoue vs. Jerwin Ancajas

Attributes Takuma Inoue Jerwin Ancajas
Nationality Japanese Filipino
Origins Yokohama, Japan Panabo, Philippines
Special Mentions Rapid reflexes and sharp combinations IBF super flyweight champion with powerful punches
Achievements by 2021 Known for his strong defensive techniques Successfully defended his IBF title multiple times
Status On the path to becoming a flyweight leader Established name in the flyweight division
Date of Birth December 20, 1996 January 1, 1992


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Data Points for Takuma Inoue:
  • Takuma Inoue is a prestigious expert fighter from Japan.
  • Brought into the world in Yokohama, Japan.
  • Perceived for his perfectly guarded maneuvers.
  • Known for his sharp reflexes and blend punches.
  • Steadily leaving an imprint in the flyweight division.
Data Points for Jerwin Ancajas:
  • Jerwin Ancajas hails from the Philippines.
  • Brought into the world on January 1, 1992, in Panabo, Philippines.
  • He’s the ruling IBF super flyweight champion.
  • Known for his overwhelming punches and strong protection.
  • By 2021, he had safeguarded his IBF title on various occasions, laying out his predominance.

Where is the Takuma Inoue vs. Jerwin Ancajas fight taking place?

The occasion is booked at TBD in Japan, as would be considered normal to house a huge number of excited fans, guaranteeing a noteworthy encounter.

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