Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou Oct 28 – Live Streams, TV channels, and updates

The combat sports community is alight with expectation as Riyadh, Saudi Arabia braces itself for an epic face-off. On October 28, 2023, Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou, is a clash that has not only boxing and MMA enthusiasts but the entire sports world eagerly waiting.

Event Details

Here’s a concise summary of the awaited brawl between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou:

Feature Details
Date October 28, 2023
Time 8:00 PM (Local Time)
Place Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Day Friday


Channels To Watch “Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou”

Ensure you don’t miss a single blow in this heavyweight clash. Experience the action live on these broadcasting channels:


Description: ESPN, with its established reputation for sports broadcasting, will deliver every punch, dodge, and technique in high-definition.

  • Price: Prices vary by subscription plan and region. Please check the official ESPN website or your local listings.
  • Availability: USA


Description: TNTSPORTS, celebrated for its sports streaming, promises viewers a ringside feel with its exclusive coverage and detailed commentary.

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  • Availability: Global

The Build-Up

The levels of excitement are off the charts. Tyson Fury, with his daunting height, reach, and impeccable boxing technique, has made a mark as one of the best boxers of his generation. On the other hand, Francis Ngannou, known for his staggering knockout power and dominance in MMA, has successfully wooed fight fans globally. This fusion of worlds signals a historic match.

Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou

Attributes Tyson Fury Francis Ngannou
Nationality British Cameroonian
Origins Manchester, England Batié, Cameroon
Special Mentions Lineal Heavyweight Champion UFC Heavyweight Champion
Achievements by 2023 Multiple-time World Heavyweight Champion Known for the hardest punch in MMA history
Status Boxing legend MMA powerhouse
Date of Birth August 12, 1988 September 5, 1986


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Data Points for Tyson Fury:

  • Tyson Fury, originating from Manchester, England.
  • Recognized for his exceptional boxing IQ and defense.
  • With a charismatic personality, he’s not just a boxer but a global sports personality.
  • Often regarded as the “Gypsy King” due to his Romani heritage.

Data Points for Francis Ngannou:

  • Francis Ngannou, the pride of Cameroon.
  • Born on September 5, 1986, in Batié, Cameroon.
  • Celebrated for his knockout power, with a striking force equivalent to a car crash.
  • From the sands of Cameroon to UFC gold, his journey has inspired many.

Where is the Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou fight taking place?

This highly anticipated match is set to blaze in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, drawing viewers from every corner of the planet to witness history.

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