How To Stream Live Boxing Matches via

Boxing is more than just a sport; it’s a passion shared by millions worldwide. In today’s digital age, the way we access and watch our favorite sports has changed dramatically. stands out as a unique platform dedicated to boxing enthusiasts, offering unparalleled coverage of the sport. But what if you’re located outside the UK and want to access its exclusive content? This guide will walk you through the process.

Streaming Coverage of Live Boxing Matches from outside the UK

For fans outside the UK, it can be frustrating to discover that’s live boxing coverage may be geo-restricted. Such restrictions are usually due to broadcasting rights and regional agreements. Essentially, this means the content is blocked if the website detects you’re accessing it from a region where it hasn’t secured broadcasting rights.

Legal way to access streams from anywhere in the world:

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the most recommended tool to legally bypass such geo-restrictions. A VPN masks your original IP address and provides you with a new one from a country of your choice. By choosing an IP address from the UK, you can access as if you’re physically present there.

Here’s how a VPN works:

  1. It routes your internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel.
  2. It masks your original IP address and assigns you a new one from the desired location.
  3. This process helps you bypass geo-restrictions and maintain online privacy.

So how can I change my IP Address to get Coverage?

Follow these steps:

  1. Select a Reputable VPN Service: There are numerous VPN services available. Look for one with servers in the UK and a good reputation for speed and security.
  2. Download & Install: Once you’ve made your choice, download the VPN application and install it on your preferred streaming device.
  3. Connect to a UK Server: Open the VPN application and select a server located in the UK. Connecting to it will assign you a UK IP address.
  4. Access Now, head to You should be able to stream the live boxing matches without any geo-restriction issues.
  5. Enjoy the Match: Remember to ensure your VPN remains connected throughout your streaming session.


  1. Is using a VPN legal?
    In most countries, using a VPN is perfectly legal. However, it’s essential to verify the regulations in your country. Always use VPNs for legitimate purposes.
  2. Will a VPN slow down my streaming speed?
    While routing your connection through a VPN might slightly reduce speed due to encryption, most premium VPNs offer optimized servers for streaming, ensuring minimal impact on speed.
  3. Can I use a free VPN to access
    While there are free VPNs available, they often come with limitations in speed, server locations, and security. For uninterrupted and secure streaming, investing in a reputable paid VPN is advisable.
  4. Does offer other content besides live matches?
    Yes, typically offers interviews, training videos, and other boxing-related content, making it a comprehensive platform for boxing enthusiasts.
  5. Can I use the same VPN to access other geo-restricted content?
    Absolutely! Once you’ve got a VPN, you can change your IP address to access content from various countries, not just the UK.


Boxing enthusiasts need not be curtailed by geographical boundaries. With the right tools in hand, namely a reliable VPN, you can tap into the riveting world of boxing on from anywhere on the globe. Stay ahead of the curve, remain connected, and never miss a knockout!

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