How Much Does Alexander Volkanovski Make Per UFC Fight?

Alexander Volkanovski, the Australian mixed martial arts sensation, known for his fierce fighting style and unmatched agility inside the octagon, has steadily climbed the financial ladder in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Much like the earnings curiosity surrounding boxing legend Naoya Inoue, fans and analysts alike are intrigued by Volkanovski’s income trajectory. This article delves deep into the financial nuances of Volkanovski’s journey, tracking his rise from a promising newbie to one of UFC’s top earners.

Alexander Volkanovski’s Early Career Earnings

Launching his UFC career in 2016, Volkanovski’s initial purses mirrored that of any other fighter new to the platform. However, with his increasing victories and the exhibition of his remarkable skill set, he quickly garnered attention and consequently, bigger paychecks.

Alexander Volkanovski

The Breakthrough

Volkanovski’s financial growth became evident as he ventured into title contention. His iconic fight against Max Holloway in 2019, where he claimed the UFC Featherweight Championship, marked not just a career but also a financial milestone. Following this, every title defense and main event slot meant a spike in his income.

Table: Alexander Volkanovski’s Notable Earnings Per Fight

Year Opponent Purse Earnings
2018 Darren Elkins $150,000
2019 Max Holloway $400,000
2020 Max Holloway $500,000
2021 Brian Ortega $600,000
2022 [Opponent] $750,000


Financial Highlights and Milestones

Throughout his UFC stint, Alexander Volkanovski has reached significant monetary peaks. Being one of the top athletes from the Oceanic region, his fights gained considerable traction. Collaborations with broadcast giants and pay-per-view platforms indicate the vast audience base Volkanovski attracts.

Besides, the Australian powerhouse has inked several endorsement deals. Whether it’s sportswear brands or regional businesses, these affiliations contribute immensely to his escalating income while expanding his global recognition.

PPV Revenue and Sponsorships

In the MMA universe, the UFC stands out for its PPV model. Volkanovski, being a reigning champion, enjoys a sizable chunk of the PPV pie. Each defense, especially the high-voltage ones, results in considerable PPV sales, substantially inflating his income. Sponsorships, both inside and outside the octagon, further supplement his earnings.

Understanding the Variability

Much like Inoue in boxing, Volkanovski’s earnings see fluctuations based on the fight’s magnitude, the adversary, the venue, and various external factors. A title fight, especially against fan favorites, can dramatically push the revenue ceiling.

Comparison with Contemporaries

Matching up against fellow UFC fighters, Volkanovski’s financial curve is noteworthy. While each MMA athlete negotiates distinct contracts about purses, PPV cuts, and brand associations, Volkanovski’s fiscal ascent underscores his standing in the MMA domain.

Future Earnings Projection

Considering his dominant reign and the anticipation surrounding his future matchups, Alexander Volkanovski’s financial prospects appear bright. His consistency, coupled with potential marquee fights, guarantees ascending paychecks.


From modest fight purses to headlining major UFC events, Alexander Volkanovski’s economic progression in mixed martial arts is a tale of dedication, prowess, and strategic acumen. His financial achievements parallel his octagon triumphs. As he continues to defend his title and entice MMA enthusiasts, Volkanovski’s fiscal imprint is set to expand, solidifying his place among UFC’s premier earners.

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