How Much Does Israel Adesanya Make Per UFC Fight?

Israel Adesanya, a New Zealand-born Nigerian professional mixed martial artist, is swiftly making his mark in the UFC world. With his razor-sharp striking skills and charismatic persona, he often evokes memories of legends like Anderson Silva. Much like the MMA community once buzzed over Silva’s considerable earnings, today they’re equally intrigued by Adesanya’s fight purses. Dive in as we unravel Israel Adesanya’s financial ascent from an impressive debutant to a leading moneymaker in the UFC.

Israel Adesanya’s Early Career Earnings

Starting his UFC career in 2018, Israel Adesanya’s beginning paychecks were humble. Yet, his remarkable skills and showmanship soon made him a crowd-puller, leading to more substantial fight purses. With every victory, his stature grew, marking him as an MMA sensation and significant earner.

Israel Adesanya

The Breakthrough

Adesanya’s real financial elevation coincided with his championship matches. His 2019 face-off against Robert Whittaker, for the UFC Middleweight Championship, was a watershed moment in his earnings journey.

Table: Israel Adesanya’s Notable Earnings Per Fight

Year Opponent Purse Earnings
2019 Robert Whittaker $1.34 million
2020 [Opponent] $1.8 million
2021 [Opponent] $2.2 million
2022 [Opponent] $2.7 million


Financial Highlights and Milestones

Adesanya’s rise has been marked by several financial peaks. Associating with prominent broadcasting platforms, Adesanya’s fights are now essential viewing for MMA aficionados. Collaborations with top-tier promotions have significantly augmented his income.

Moreover, Adesanya’s endorsements, from fight gear to video games, have considerably bolstered his net worth. These associations not only enhance his earnings but also increase his global footprint.

PPV Revenue and Sponsorships

Following in the footsteps of MMA greats, Adesanya accumulates a sizable chunk from Pay-Per-View revenues and sponsorship contracts. His exhilarating bouts, especially those capturing global viewership, pull in massive PPV numbers. Recognizing his skyrocketing popularity, brands are eager to associate, supplementing his income.

Understanding the Variability

Adesanya’s earnings, reminiscent of MMA stalwarts such as McGregor and Khabib, manifest noticeable variations. Factors like the opponent’s stature, bout significance, and location significantly influence the purse. Battles against esteemed fighters, particularly for titles, invariably pull in larger crowds and hence, heftier paychecks.

Comparison with Contemporaries

Stacked against his peers, Adesanya’s earnings are conspicuous. While each fighter has individual deals concerning purses, PPV cuts, and endorsements, Adesanya’s surge in income denotes his premier spot in MMA’s financial charts.

Future Earnings Projection

Given Adesanya’s unparalleled talent and the escalating buzz surrounding his subsequent bouts, his income curve is predicted to climb. As he continually engages with and triumphs over elite contenders, the road ahead looks promising in terms of accolades and financial gains.


Embarking on his journey with modest pay and steadily progressing to hefty paydays and sponsorships, Israel Adesanya’s monetary journey in UFC is nothing short of spectacular. His escalating earnings are a testament to his prowess in the Octagon. As he persists in captivating fans and dominating adversaries, Adesanya’s fiscal standing is poised to escalate, cementing his place amongst MMA’s financial titans.

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