How Much Does Leon Edwards Make Per UFC Fight?

British mixed martial artist, Leon Edwards, renowned for his dynamic skills and impressive record in the Octagon, has steadily built a strong financial foundation throughout his career. Similar to Khabib Nurmagomedov, Edwards’ per-fight earnings have caught the attention of many, from MMA fans to financial aficionados. This article aims to highlight the financial trajectory of Edwards, portraying the monetary aspects of his distinguished career in the UFC.

Leon Edwards’ Early Career Earnings

Leon Edwards made his professional MMA debut in 2011, and by 2014, he had entered the UFC scene. In the beginning, Edwards’ earnings were typical of a fighter making their first steps in the UFC. With every victory, especially those that showcased his striking and grappling abilities, Edwards’ per-fight income began to increase, reflecting his rising stature and expanding fan base in the MMA community.

Leon Edwards

The Breakthrough

Edwards’ financial surge can be largely attributed to his notable winning streak in the UFC welterweight division. His consecutive wins over fighters like Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and Rafael dos Anjos not only bolstered his position in the rankings but also led to an increase in his fight purses, creating a pathway for even more profitable bouts in the future.

Table: Leon Edwards’ Notable Earnings Per Fight

Year Opponent Purse Earnings
2018 Donald Cerrone $XXX, XXX
2019 Rafael dos Anjos $XXX, XXX
2021 Nate Diaz $XXX, XXX
2022 Kamaru Usman $XXX, XXX


PPV Revenue and Sponsorships

Beyond the fight purses, Edwards, akin to other UFC elite fighters, garners a significant portion of his income from PPV shares when he headlines events. The financial gains from PPV largely hinge on the fight’s appeal, with marquee matchups promising bigger revenue streams. Sponsorship deals and endorsements, especially with the relaxation of UFC’s sponsorship policies, further add to Edwards’ monetary reservoir.

Examination of Significant Battle Payouts

An examination of Leon Edwards’ significant battle payouts uncovers that he has been compensated liberally for his abilities and the dangers he takes in the Octagon. The welterweight competitor has seen gradual expansions in his payouts, as he has turned into a more settled and regarded figure in the game. These payouts frequently incorporate his battle satchel, win reward (if relevant), and any Presentation of the Evening or Battle of the Night rewards granted.

Understanding the Variability

It’s paramount to note that a fighter’s earnings, including someone of Edwards’ caliber, can oscillate greatly between bouts. Factors such as the stature of the opponent, event prominence, and marketability play critical roles in dictating a fighter’s income. Main event slots and bouts against well-known opponents are a recipe for increased viewership, thus leading to heftier paydays.

Comparison with Contemporaries

When juxtaposing Edwards’ earnings with fellow fighters in the welterweight division or UFC in general, it’s crucial to recognize the myriad factors that determine a fighter’s income. From fight purses to PPV percentages and sponsorship arrangements, the earnings landscape is multifaceted. Nonetheless, Edwards’ financial receipts are in alignment with the top earners, signifying his eminent position in the UFC.

Future Earnings Projection

Considering the trajectory of his career and potential matchups, Leon Edwards’ earnings are forecasted to ascend steadily. His consistent performance, coupled with the UFC’s evolving pay structure, suggests a bright financial future for the British fighter.


Tracing his journey from modest initial earnings to now commanding substantial fight purses, PPV shares, and sponsorships, Leon Edwards’ fiscal ascent in MMA is commendable. His financial growth parallels his ascendancy in the sport, presenting a riveting account of his evolution. With his unwavering commitment to the sport, it’s expected that Edwards’ financial rewards will continue to be a testament to his prowess inside the Octagon.

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