Allen vs. Craig 9 Nov 2023 – Live Streams, TV channels and updates

On November 19, 2023, the MMA community was ablaze with anticipation. Two dominant forces in the middleweight division, Allen and Craig, were set to lock horns in a fight that promised to deliver on all fronts.

Event Details

Here is the detail of the upcoming event between Allen and Craig:

Feature Details
Date November 19, 2023
Time 8:00 PM (Local Time)
Place UFC Apex, Las Vegas, USA
Day Sunday


Channels To Watch “Allen vs. Craig”

For those eager to witness the clash between Allen and Craig, here are the two primary platforms to keep an eye on:

Fight Sports Network:

fight sports network

Description: Fight Sports Network has been at the forefront of combat sports broadcasting, offering a mix of boxing, MMA, and traditional martial arts. Their coverage often includes pre-fight analysis, ensuring enthusiasts are well-informed before the main event.

Price: $6.99/month or $65.99/year

Availability: US

MMA World:

mma world

Description: MMA World is dedicated exclusively to mixed martial arts, ensuring fans have access to both live fights and a plethora of related content, from interviews to training highlights.

Price: Varies by region. Check the MMA World website or regional outlets for detailed pricing.

Availability: Numerous countries globally.

The Buildup

Allen and Craig, both with established records and reputations in the MMA world, brought with them unique fighting styles and strategies. Allen, known for his grappling and submission expertise, faced Craig, a striker with a talent for knockouts. Their contrasting strengths set the stage for a riveting showdown.

The Fight Night

The atmosphere at UFC Apex was palpable. Fans filled every corner, their cheers setting the tone for an unforgettable night. As the fighters made their way to the Octagon, it was clear that this was more than just a fight; it was a battle for supremacy in the middleweight division. While Allen showcased his grappling dominance, Craig responded with powerful strikes, keeping everyone on the edge of their seats.

In the spirit of suspense, let’s just say that the event was one for the books, with both fighters leaving an indelible mark on the MMA landscape.

The Aftermath

The post-fight conference was a testament to the respect and admiration shared between the two athletes. Their sportsmanship and acknowledgment of each other’s strengths were clear indications of the heart and soul that defines MMA.

Where is the Allen vs. Craig fight taking place?

The fight will unfold at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, a venue known for hosting some of the most iconic bouts in recent memory.

Allen’s Record, Titles Won

  • Identity: American
  • Birth: March 7, 1991
  • Height: 6-1 (185 cm)
  • Total fights: 23
  • Record: 20-3 with 12 wins via submission
  • Titles won: UFC Middleweight Contender

Craig’s Record, Titles Won

  • Identity: Scottish
  • Birth: November 21, 1987
  • Height: 6-3 (190 cm)
  • Total fights: 28
  • Record: 23-5 with 15 wins via knockout
  • Titles won: UFC Middleweight Knockout Artist

Allen vs. Craig Fight Card

  • Main Event: Allen vs. Craig; UFC Middleweight Division Bout.

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