BLAYDES VS ALMEIDA Nov 05 – Live Streams, TV channels and updates

On November 5, 2023, the MMA world is ready for a searing conflict. Two of the heavyweight division’s stalwarts, Blaydes and Almeida, are set to go head to head in a duel that has blended the local area, with fans and savants the same humming in expectation, enthusiastically anticipating the main call to battle.

Event Details

Dive into the specifics of the much-anticipated matchup between Blaydes and Almeida:

Feature Details
Date November 5, 2023
Time 8:00 PM (Local Time)
Place Ibirapuera Arena, São Paulo, Brazil
Day Saturday


Channels To Watch “Blaydes vs. Almeida”

Guarantee you get each snapshot of this arresting challenge among Blaydes and Almeida by tuning into the accompanying telecom stations:

MMA Global Network:

Blaydes vs. Almeida

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  • Availability: Brazil

FightSport Central:

Blaydes vs. Almeida

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The Build Up

As the battle night draws near, the air is electric. Blaydes, renowned for his hooking ability and strength, has a praiseworthy history. Then again, Almeida, with his striking sharpness and capacity to convey knockouts, has reliably exhibited his abilities inside the octagon. The mix of their MMA styles guarantees a remarkable session.

Blaydes vs. Almeida

Attributes Blaydes Almeida
Nationality American Brazil
Origins Naperville, Illinois, U.S. Atlantic City
Special Mentions Exceptional grappling skills Acclaimed striker with KO power
Achievements by 2021 Multiple UFC victories Numerous MMA accolades
Status Rising heavyweight contender An established name in the heavyweight division
Date of Birth February 18, 1991 10 September 1990


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Data Points for Blaydes:

  • A renowned professional MMA fighter hailing from the U.S.
  • Born on February 18, 1991 in Lakewood, Colorado, U.S.
  • Celebrated for his unmatched grappling technique.
  • Recognized for his resilience and strategic approach.
  • Fast establishing a dominant presence in the heavyweight division.

Data Points for Almeida:

  • Almeida originates from Brazil.
  • Born on June 4, 1992, in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  • A striking genius with multiple knockout victories.
  • Known for his agility and ring IQ.
  • By 2021, he had amassed several MMA wins, marking his dominance.

Where is the Blaydes vs. Almeida fight taking place?

The event is scheduled at Ibirapuera Arena, São Paulo, Brazil, anticipated to accommodate thousands of ecstatic fans, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

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