20 Highest-Paid WWE Wrestlers

The world of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is not just thrilling but also a lucrative industry for its top-performing athletes. The wrestling entertainment giant has created a platform where talents earn impressive incomes, boasting lucrative contracts, merchandise sales, and additional revenues from film and television appearances. In this article, we will dive into the earnings of the 20 highest-paid WWE wrestlers who have significantly contributed to the industry’s growth and entertainment value.

The Money Behind The Powerbombs

Professional wrestling can be a golden ticket for those who make it big, with wrestlers earning from a diverse income stream. Below, we have listed the career earnings of the 20 highest-paid WWE wrestlers. These figures are cumulative, reflecting not just their salaries but also earnings from other entertainment ventures and business engagements.


Earnings Table

Wrestler’s Name Career Earnings
1. The Rock $70 Million
2. Steve Austin $45 Million
3. John Cena $35 Million
4. The Big Show $30 Million
5. Triple H $25 Million
6. Kurt Angle $20 Million
7. Chris Jericho $18 Million
8. Shawn Michaels $17 Million
9. The Undertaker $16 Million
10. Mick Foley $15 Million
11. Bret Hart $14 Million
12. Edge $14 Million
13. Sting $13 Million
14. Brock Lesnar $12.5 Million
15. Goldberg $12 Million
16. Batista $10 Million
17. JBL $9 Million
18. Rey Mysterio $8.5 Million
19. Kevin Nash $8 Million
20. CM Punk $7.5 Million

Securing the Bags Outside the WWE Ring

Business Ventures & Endorsements

Many of the wrestlers listed have successfully leveraged their in-ring fame to pursue lucrative opportunities outside the squared circle. This includes launching their own business ventures, endorsing products, starring in movies and television shows, and even writing books. These additional revenue streams significantly boost their earnings, allowing them to accumulate wealth even after retiring from active wrestling.

Merchandise Sales

Wrestlers earn a considerable portion of their income through merchandise sales. Fans worldwide purchase T-shirts, action figures, posters, and other memorabilia featuring their favorite wrestling stars. The most popular and marketable wrestlers often have a vast array of merchandise available, contributing significantly to their overall career earnings.

Top Earners Insights

The Rock’s Dominance

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson tops the list with a whopping $70 million, transitioning seamlessly from wrestling to becoming a Hollywood superstar. His earnings stem not only from his wrestling career but also from his successful acting projects and endorsements.

Stone Cold’s Legacy

With career earnings of $45 million, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is in second place. Although he retired early due to injuries, Austin’s merchandise sales and podcasts contribute significantly to his income.

Cena’s Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect

John Cena, with $35 million, not only made his mark in wrestling but also in the film industry, following The Rock’s footsteps. He also earns from reality TV, merchandise, and endorsements, further cementing his financial standing.

Beyond The Ring

Several other iconic wrestlers like The Big Show, Triple H, and Kurt Angle have also amassed wealth through their illustrious careers in the WWE. With merchandise sales, acting gigs, and other business ventures, these wrestlers have ensured a comfortable life after their wrestling careers.

Summing Up:

Wrestling is not just about physical strength and in-ring skills; it’s also about charisma, personality, and the ability to entertain the audience. Those who have mastered this art have not only won titles but have also earned hefty paychecks, as evidenced by the 20 highest-paid WWE wrestlers. These athletes have used the platform to build their brand and diversify their income, becoming legends in the entertainment industry.

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