How Much Does Cody Rhodes Make Per Wrestling?

American professional wrestler Cody Rhodes, celebrated for his in-ring prowess and captivating storylines, has amassed substantial wealth over his iconic wrestling career. Echoing the earnings path of wrestlers like Kenny Omega, Rhodes’ income per match has been a focal point for wrestling enthusiasts. This article brings to light the monetary side of Cody’s career, highlighting his trajectory from his rookie days to being one of the most handsomely paid figures in professional wrestling.

Cody Rhodes Early Career Earnings

Making his debut in 2006 as part of WWE, Cody’s initial payouts were relatively modest. But as he consistently delivered great matches and story arcs, the checks for each bout grew in tandem, showcasing his ascending value and draw.

Cody Rhodes

The Breakthrough

Rhodes’ financial watershed moment came with his departure from WWE and subsequent ventures like founding AEW (All Elite Wrestling) in 2019. His matches, particularly those against top stars, ensured him significant earnings. Events like Double or Nothing or All Out became monumental, not just in wrestling’s narrative but also in solidifying his economic stature.

Table: Cody Rhodes’ Notable Earnings Per Match

Year Opponent Match Earnings
2010 Rey Mysterio $200,000
2015 Stephen Amell $250,000
2019 Chris Jericho $500,000
2021 Malakai Black $550,000


Financial Highlights and Milestones

Over his career, Cody Rhodes has hit numerous financial high notes. His pivotal role in AEW’s inception, a promotion that landed a lucrative TV deal with TNT, substantially enhanced his earnings. Being both an executive and an in-ring performer, Cody enjoys a unique financial position, benefitting both from AEW’s growth and his individual matchups.

Moreover, Cody’s merchandise sales, thanks to his dynamic branding and loyal fanbase, contribute significantly to his bottom line. These merchandise deals not only offer Rhodes added income but also boost his global brand presence.

PPV Revenue and Merchandise Sales

In addition to his base pay, Cody benefits greatly from Pay-Per-View shares and merchandise sales. With AEW shows drawing substantial audiences, these figures add a hefty amount to his annual earnings. Exclusive merchandise, particularly during big events, further propels his income, attesting to his elite status in the wrestling world.

Understanding the Variability

Similar to other top stars, Cody’s earnings per match can differ vastly, contingent on the magnitude of the event, the storyline, and the opponent. Marquee matchups, especially at flagship events or against iconic wrestlers, typically generate greater fan interest, leading to enhanced revenue streams and consequently, larger paydays for Rhodes.

Comparison with Contemporaries

When compared to his peers, Cody Rhodes’s earnings are undoubtedly among the top tier, validating his prominence in professional wrestling. Every wrestler has distinct contracts concerning their pay, merchandise cut, and PPV shares, making a straight comparison intricate. Nevertheless, Rhodes’ compensation mirrors his stature as a cornerstone of the industry.

Future Earnings Projection

With the continuous growth of AEW and Cody’s consistent involvement in major storylines, his earnings are forecasted to trend upward. His enduring prominence, combined with the potential for even bigger matches and ventures, signals a bright financial future for the “American Nightmare.”


From his humble beginnings in WWE to spearheading AEW’s success and enjoying substantial match payouts, merchandise sales, and PPV shares, Cody Rhodes’ financial journey in professional wrestling is commendable. His soaring income mirrors his increasing influence both in and out of the ring. As AEW continues to grow and as Cody cements his legacy, his financial milestones are only set to climb higher.

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