Top 10 Undefeated Wrestlers of All Time

Wrestling, much like boxing, is a sport that intertwines raw power, technical prowess, and a mental edge. Over the decades, wrestling has been graced by a multitude of talented athletes, but a select few stand out for remaining unbeaten throughout their careers.

Top 10 Undefeated Wrestlers of All Time

Here’s a glimpse into the top 10 undefeated wrestlers of all time and a few of their landmark matches.

Top 10 Undefeated Wrestlers of All Time

Bruno Sammartino

The “Living Legend” had one of the longest reigns as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Matches Opponents Date
280 Killer Kowalski Oct 20, 1975
272 Ivan Koloff Jan 18, 1971
260 George Steele Feb 8, 1969


Bill Goldberg

Goldberg’s 173-0 streak in WCW remains one of wrestling’s most talked-about runs.

Matches Opponents Date
173 Hollywood Hogan Jul 6, 1998
170 Scott Hall Jul 6, 1998
165 Curt Hennig Jun 29, 1998



The Empress of Tomorrow remained undefeated for 914 days in WWE.

Matches Opponents Date
162 Nia Jax Feb 25, 2018
150 Ember Moon Aug 19, 2017
134 Nikki Cross Jun 28, 2017


The Undertaker

While he has had defeats, his WrestleMania streak of 21-0 is iconic.

Matches Opponents Date
21 CM Punk Apr 7, 2013
20 Triple H Apr 1, 2012
18 Shawn Michaels Mar 28, 2010



The Bulgarian Brute had an undefeated streak spanning a year in WWE.

Matches Opponents Date
146 John Cena Feb 22, 2015
138 Roman Reigns Jan 25, 2015
130 Jack Swagger Dec 29, 2014



Tatanka’s two-year undefeated streak in the early ’90s made him a force to reckon with.

Matches Opponents Date
704 Shawn Michaels Sept 13, 1993
698 Bam Bam Bigelow Aug 30, 1993
690 Doink The Clown Aug 15, 1993


Magnum TA

His potential was boundless, and he was unbeaten until an unfortunate accident.

Matches Opponents Date
312 Tully Blanchard Oct 19, 1985
306 Kamala Sept 30, 1985
298 Buddy Landel Aug 10, 1985


Ludvig Borga

This Finnish powerhouse had a short but impactful undefeated streak in WWE.

Matches Opponents Date
39 Tatanka Oct 30, 1993
35 Marty Jannetty Oct 20, 1993
30 Scott Steiner Oct 5, 1993


Bo Dallas

His NXT undefeated streak made him a standout competitor.

Matches Opponents Date
280 Big E June 12, 2013
275 Adrian Neville May 29, 2013
270 Sami Zayn May 15, 2013



The Samoan Bulldozer tore through opponents in his initial WWE run.

Matches Opponents Date
410 John Cena Jan 28, 2007
405 Jeff Hardy Jan 22, 2007
399 Triple H Jan 8, 2007


These wrestling titans have left an indelible mark on the sport. Their unmatched skill, resilience, and passion for the squared circle have not only made them legendary figures in the wrestling world but have also inspired countless others to pursue their dreams inside the ring.

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